The Importance Of Accuracy In Blogging

As a blogger, you have a duty to your readers to provide accurate content, especially if you blog regarding the Fintech, Financial, and/or Political Realms.   

Free Tips An Tricks

Add Photos To Articles

Adding photos to articles is extremely important on Steemit and is a great way to help you gain steam as a Personality on it.  It makes articles more interesting and it will often be the first thing that they look at when navigating  their feed.  Find more information regarding this and how to upload images on Steemit here.  

Add A Profile Picture And Cover Photo

Adding a profile picture and a cover photo (a new feature, as of mid-August 2017) can go leaps and bounds in making your profile stand out and in helping you connect more strongly with your audience.  Details on carrying this out can be found in this article. 

The .001 SBD Promotion Technique

Even those who are still minnows should and do have a way to promote their content without breaking the bank.  For as low as .001 SBD (Steem Dollars), you can promote your articles so that they get seen by more users, thus leading to additional exposure for your page and an increase in followers.  

Invest In Your Self

There are different ways to invest in yourself to set you up for success on Steemit.  One way is to invest a lot of money, as that can affect the rewards you get as payouts.  As most of us are not rich, two better ways include ensuring you are consistent and utilizing tools such as the ones provided in my premium content.  This section gives an overview of how to be consistent on Steemit as a means of gaining financial independence through its use and the inexpensive automation tools that I can provide as a means of helping you gain traction on a budget.  

Share Big News And Be First

We live in a world where there is so much new news and there is always a breaking story in thousands upon thousands of different areas of interest.  Being able to provide a certain interest group with breaking news can help in creating content that may go viral.  

Interact With Your Followers

Social Media should be just that... Social.  It's important to connect with your audience and there are different ways to connect with them that will make them have a positive perception of you.  You may just even make some friends along the way!

Other Articles

Inflammatory Content - Tread Mindfully

While there is a place for debate and discussion and you can have great success by taking a predominantly single-minded point of view to things, there are other approaches that can be taken, and there are ways to tackle controversial news without starting WW3.  

Write Meaningful Articles!

It's important for your viewers to find entertainment, use, meaning, or some other utility in your articles, so that they will remember to look for you in the future.  Publishing meaningful content helps establish credibility as a Social Media Personality.  Find good rules to live by in regards to writing great content here.  

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