Fighting Back Against Fake News

In  the digital age, everyone has a voice which means that everyone is a  news source. This is a beautiful thing, but it can be inherently harmful  to a single-person’s ability to remain informed. Booleancoin’s  Decentralized Platform 'Boolean' allows for this danger to be remediated  by helping to bring information about the validity of news and other  media content into a decentralized system that rewards users in our  token based on input from each other and the system about accuracy and  contribution.   We differentiate ourselves from Prediction Markets in  that our goal is to provide solutions for companies that rely on  current, accurate data in the present, as opposed to looking forward to  future outcomes.  

Fake  news became a topic of wide public concern during the 2016 U.S.  election season. Booleancoin’s platform acts as a guiding light within  the public eye, giving users information on what is most accurate, based  on the prevailing sentiment of its users and the way their votes land,  in concert with the power of Machine Learning.  

Our  Constantly Learning Web Crawlers will gather information across all  corners of the web and interpret and connect the information they find,  will allow fake news to be flagged and the information disseminated  among subscribers before it has effects as profound as causing  alternative legislation to be passed, elections to be lost or won based  on falsities, and many other use cases.  In a world where data is the  real most valuable commodity, our world, Booleancoin's platform  "Boolean' will add value across Web 3.0 and will keep us safe from the  New Propaganda Machine.